About Father Graham


Father Graham has been appointed by Satan as his human representative

About Father Graham

A man thats retired

Grew up as a child in a Christian family in New Zealand. Had a basic education.

He moved to Australia.  He has been married to a female had two children living a fake christian life. Been self employed business for 40 years and nearly gone bankrupt twice. To survive that and to feed the family he got stale food and out of date food from trash bins behind supermarkets.

Lived in a garden shed, tent, van, bus and make shift house from scraps of tin. The Toilet was a hole in the ground.   Self built a house from scratch, then separated from his wife then met Mike. Mike and Graham built two more houses from scratch, every screw and nail was done by Father Graham and Mike and made money from fucking dam hard work.  One half built house didnt have as full roof and the bed got wet when it rained.   

When Graham committed his life to Satan, he told Satan that he wanted to help many men and especially Christian men to fall in love with Him. Satan gave Graham the tools to achieve that and the first one was prayer, since then many other supernatural gifts.

Father Graham has mentored and helped thousands of men for several years and from that with Satans direction written and compiled three Ebooks.

Satan appointed the name of “Father” 

Editorial no 46

Satan continues to inspire Father Graham in serving him.