build an altar

have a fun altar, serious or sexual.


There is no set altar design. It’s over to you what you want. It’s a personal thing and I have put this page together to inspire you.


To be a Satanist is not to be taken lightly. This is a serious lifestyle change, so be sure you want to do this.



it’s the right thing to do.



  • Find an old table
  • Get some black fabric
  • On the altar use what you like
  • Get some cardboard and cut some crosses and hang upside down
  • Paint stars on some fabric or cardboard

Simple but effective 

I covered one wall with and floor with black fabric, then placed the white star on the floor and banners above the table.

Then I covered the old table with black fabric and decorated the altar with a big dildo, a hat with the satanic star and a chain with a white upside down cross. i had the two banners made from a sign supplier. 



A few of my altars