Commit to Satan

There is no set way to commit to Satan, and I am not pushing my way. But what I do know is that my plan works and Satan wants my plan to be offered to the world.

Think of this, When a couple gets married the first time they usually do the best they can and have the best wedding. 


I have made it serious yet fun and personal

Personal touches


Do you want to be alone or with friends or a partner?




Father Graham



Setting and ambience 

A private bedroom

Get some black fabric and line the walls and even the floor

Get a table or chest of drawers or piece of furniture and cover it with black fabric

Cant do it at home. These are ideas.

Setup an altar in your garden shed.

Or trailer, or shed on the farm. 

Maybe a quiet place in the forest or woods or on your farm or on the beach in the sand hills.


Hail Satan