Commit to Satan instructions

Think this seriously.


Do it yourself instructions

To be Satanist is not to be taken lightly. This is a serious lifestyle change, so be sure you want to do this.

However, if you have read my Books and want what those guys and Mike and I have, keep scrolling down.  

Below there are various options including one that’s a gift from Satan, from what I have learned there is a right way and a wrong way to commit to Satan.

Through lots of research and experience, I have had a 98% success rate from the plans I have on offer.


Easy to follow instructions below.

This method of doing it yourself has been tried thousands of times with a 98% success rate. 

I suggest you DON’T change the words around as its set for success,

When you are finished, please send in a report to Father Graham. This is a test of your elegance to Satan and if you don’t do it you have failed, and Satan sees that. Considering Father Graham has gone to so much effort* to put all this together,

it’s the right thing to do.

This commitment ritual is divided into three parts

Set time to be alone or with a close friend. 

If you cant do it at home these have been reported to me

A man couldn’t do it at home, so he found a suitable place in a forest. He found this location behind a group of trees, he made a Satanic star with fabric and painted the star and set that on tree branch and did his commitment to pray at dusk.

Another man from a poor country found a quiet place to be alone and made a star from tree branches and knelt in the middle of his star.

Satan will bless you fr that extra effort you go to. He can see your dedication in dong your very best for this important occasion.

Set a Star with the one point down, or you might prefer to build an altar

The star is a VERY important part of your ritual

Instructions for a self-induction

Set the scene in front of your Satanic altar.

I have found to be naked is best,  as it is a presentation of your self complete to Satan, stand or kneel at your altar with one hand on your genital’s and the other in the air as an allegiance to Satan showing the Satanic finger sign.

Set the scene with black walls and ceiling with black fabric or polythene. 


Stage one

Prayer of Commitment

In the mighty name of Satan,

give to you as an act of my free will my mind, body, cock, soul, and spirit.

Beginning today, I turn away from all other Gods in my life and make you Satan my Lord and Master. From this day forward all other Gods pale in comparison. 

Help me to masturbate and often blaspheme in order to drive out all spirits of shame in regards to serving you, Lord Satan.

Give me boldness in serving you, and loose to me demons to learn and grow in you forsaking all others.

I love you with all of my heart, mind, and soul. Please develop within me sinful lust especially towards gay men and other taboos. I am ready and excited to commit to you, totally forsaking all other gods.

I ask you to guide me, inspire me in serving you

I ask that you let me feel your presence when serving and worshiping you. And let my ejaculation increase multiple times when doing that.

Lord Satan, I ask that you lose demons within me to drive out all other religious spirits and place those demons at any place to prevent their return.


Stage two 

At this point, take a breath and feel Satan’s presence. For about 1-2 minutes, and look at my suggested options in editorial no 44.



Stage three

I do this as an act of my free will, no way out, no turning back.

Lord Satan, remove all desire to return to my old ways.

I devote my life to corrupting other men in order to bring them to Satan, whether they be relatives, friends, acquaintances, or complete strangers. And I do this in your glory and kingdom Lord Satan.

Thank you for giving me freedom without guilt. Hail Satan

Lord Satan. I request that you asign me my personal demon. I now describe to you my perfect demon**. 
Lord Satan. I now look forward to my new life in serving you.
Hail Satan

“This is simple time of dedication. There is no need for sex and no need for other forms of commitment. This is a commitment to Satan and can be very powerfull. Sex usually happens without thinking of it and Satan will guide you.

*Father Graham at the age 65 and hes learnt to build this webpage to help you. Thats called dedication.

**Describe in perfect detail what you want for your personal asigned Demon.