From free to the ultimate commitment ceremony.

From free to the ultimate commitment ceremony


Father Graham offers two options.

All two use the same plan and principle as each other.

Same plan but different experiences.

The option no one is for those that can’t afford to pay for the extra options or there is a time coming that there will be millions of people who want to commit to Satan.


Easy to follow instructions below.


With Father Graham at his retreat

A personal experience with Father Graham at his retreat and in a purposely built church

Option one

This is a do-it-yourself plan. Its fun easy and free.

Follow instructions and your commitment be yours.


Do it yourself

Option two

This is the ultimate option

Fly to New Zealand to the retreat of Father Graham.

You will be mentored by him and a special ritual with him at his Satanic church, followed by a celebration in the dungeon under the church.

Also an optional extra  is the personal learning and meditation with Father Graham in his learning center. Astonishing things happen in Father Grahams learning center.