June 2021

Thank you Father for your teachings. I just got done with the DIY commitment to Lord Satan. I’m staying at my brother’s house at the moment. He goes to work early. I sneak out to the garage when he leaves. I locked the door and drop all my clothes. Naked, I read out loud your teachings.I feel his hot satanic lust all over me. I finished the prayer (somehow). I was in a trance-like state. I could feel the cool morning on my naked skin The gift that the Father Satan has given me is so exciting. I feel Him like never before. Just wanted to thank you for all that you are doing. Feel free to write back.

Thx again Mitch

Hi Father Graham,
I want to tell you my experience.
I followed the directions for Committal Prayer for do-it-yourself.
I chose a quiet place, in the attic. I made it dark, with a soft green light.
I drew a simple star on a piece of paper, and placed it in front of me.
I knelt down, and had one hand in the air making the Satanic sign, and the other at my genitals.
And I recited the words as sincerely as I could.
When I got about 3/4 of the way down the first part (before the pause), a powerful feeling of arousal came over me, and I spontaneously ejaculated onto the star. It was awesome!
So the pause, for the meditation, came at the right place to catch my breath.
And then completed the third part with a real feeling of conviction.
It all felt very powerful.
Thank you for your guidance.

Daniel B

Arizona USA

Such a decision is not to be taken lightly as there is no going back without repuctions.

  1. Comitment to Satan is a lifestyle.
  2. Comitment to Satan is permanent.
  3. Never under estimate Satans power if you change your mind and go back to your previous lifestyle.


Christian preacher of a Baptist church

Hi Father Graham

I came across your website and it has connected with me. I am a minister of a Baptist church, but have always struggled with how powerful my cock energy is and how horny and kinky I am. Your site makes a lot of sense to me….


Thank you for the reply. I’m glad to know I am not alone. I’ve struggled for a long time with my desires and a feeling of guilt about them, especially about combining church and sex. What really got me about your website was the rewritten bible verses to make them about enjoying temptation. That really made me hard for some reason. 

Do many other preachers that you work with still work in their churches? 

I’m glad i’m not the only one. I look at porn alot. Good idea suggesting that i have my own bedroom as well…Ive set it up as a haven for Satan, porn and sex. 

I often get very horny at night and a bedroom dedicated to porn would really help my desires of my cock that seek to come more and more to me. I love what you did with your bedroom. Seems much more like something that will help. 

I really want to get more into porn and cock and getting over the guilt and sin about cock. I love looking at cocks and playing with them. 

I remember that my dad used to have my shower with him when I was a boy. Althought nothing happened unfortunately but those images and instilled into my mind. 

Thank you for your prayers. How would you suggest I start indulging. Today at church I was so horny thinking about all you’ve said.

 And the photo of your cock is so powerful. I feel a stronger desire that this is the right decision. Even if I have to rearrange my house to make it happen. 

I’m not sure yet if I can say hail and mean it though

I wanked this morning thinking about how good it felt and how much I want cock. My mind is full of dirty thoughts too. 

Id love my wife to have an affair and become a total slut and whore and be naked around the house all the time.

 MY cock told me I needed a new one. Those dreams for my wife sound perfect. I would love to come home from Church and find her being a total slut and being fucked hard. It would really turn me on to have her being a totally sexual person and her being as depraved sexually as I sometimes feel I am. Her name is Helen and mine is Frank. 


I also have dirty thoughts about my sons finding their mother in a compromising position. How shocked they’d be and how horrified. And I imagine not really caring anymore and how they’d be shocked at that when they come to tell me and find me in my bedroom of satan. I also have over the years made sure to live a clean life of no drugs or cigarettes and alcohol to make a good example. But I wonder how it would feel to let go and just try them sometime. And how my family would react.  

Thank you Father…I just feel such a lust in my cock at the moment. I imagine so much my wife being a slut and taking so much cock. 

I have thought about that too and am surprised that it is allowed in some places. When I read your bit about giving her your baby I got so hard. What is happening to me. The idea of a guy fucking family too….so much here is twisted and wrong but my penis responds. Do you have many people who talk to you about incest? I was reading some of your site and it talked about taking doors out of the house to encourage openness and honesty. That really got my cocks attention. I’m thinking now about taking the doors off the main bathroom and my sons bedrooms. 


I will try amyl and see how it goes. It could be something good to use before church as well. 

I also feel really called to try cigarettes and beer. It feels like something is telling me that it would set a great example for my sons to see their father getting drunk and smoking. As it has always been sinful to do that. Our sons are 16 and 17. 

Father you make my penis so hard. So very hard. 

That’s a good idea to say i’m painting them. The more you write about family fun the more it connects with me. I’d love to try to have everyone in the same bed naked and see what happens, especially if we are all drunk. 

Speaking of, I am going out tomorrow to buy cigarettes and beer and start my new life. I want to do both of those for him and for my family. 

I want my family naked and enjoying life watching their mother and father being fucked hard and often and being filthy dirty sluts. I want to let my family hear and see me on the toilet. I feel called to be so dirty Father. What is happening to me. All these thoughts so long hidden are just coming into my head. I want to be fucked by men watching my wife getting used while my boys wank. 

Sex is a huge sin…..i’ve never found it pleasurable in the past…but your site has opened up something for me. 

How did you include Satan in your gay sex? 

And would my sons also be as dirty as I feel? 

A family worshipping satan sounds amazing. I’m not sure how possibile it is but worth a try. Today I took a first step and took the doors off the bathrooms so there is now no privacy for showering or shitting. Corrupting’ them feels like the right thing to do

I’m glad it effects your cock because it makes mine very hard. It seems like the more I think about all of this the more I feel that my cock is talking louder to me and taking control of my life. I feel like things can open up more around me now. Do you think satan could be in my cock? 


I will try to see what they say and if one of them will sit on my lap. I feel that taking a shit is a very personal thing and to share it with them would be such a good thing to do. Maybe that is too fast. I don’t know. I will certainly have a shower tonight naked so everyone can see me. 


And maybe if any of them are sitting on the toilet can stand in the bathroom and chat to them like it’s something normal to do. 

…I am stil using words from my church side….where shame and guilt are so strong. 

That picture of Satans star in red is amazing Father. I will print it and put it on the wall next to my bed. Satan is penis. 

I love that Satan is in your penis and balls and you use that to worship with your partner. 

I feel so called to that. 

So I did need to sit on the tolilet. So I stripped naked, walked to the bathroom, sat and just shit loudly with no door there. It was so absoultely sexy.


I would love to cum that much


And i just keep getting distracted from writing the sermon for this week

Your energy is amazing and I can sense it even through email. I can sense your throbbing penis. 

I hadn’t thought about just watching porn instead……seems so wrong….letting my church down

I just talked to one of the boys as he sat on the toilet. I saw him as i was going past and just decided to talk as if it was normal. I told him that what he was doing was natural and to not hold it in. Then i left and came back to my room and my penis was so hard.


I’m going to do what you say and watch porn for the next couple of day instead of writing my word of God for sunday. And see what happens. 

I’m lying on my bed and my cock is so hard Father thinking of my sons. And seeing him without pants. Hail! I had an amazing orgasm in the night. I woke up so hard and found some porn and wanked and it was like a new experience for me when I came. 

It was incredible. 

I have decided today I will watch all my family have their morning and showers while I watch naked and play with myself. And I will be going to buy beer and cigs and will use them today openly. It will make my wife angry, but that also makes my cock twitch. My pleasure and selfishness first. 

I really hope for the sexual pleasure you talk about. I really want the large cum and orgasm. I also really really want my wife’s vagina to be huge to accomodate all the cock that will fuck her constantly. 


Today I was supposed to do work but cancelld it all to be at home. I decided to go naked at home the whole day with my cock free. I made sure I was in the bathroom while my boys took their pisses too, playing with my cock. I watched porn loudly with the volume high and drank beer. It felt amazing. My wife got angry, but I said I am the man and I do what I want and that she should get naked. She stormed off after that and I turned the porn up louder. 

It’s a huge fucking relief to just relax about this. I love the story of you and the bible. I might try it……use my cum from satan to destroy it. 

I have had a few beers tonight and am feeling good. Thinking about all you’ve said made me so hard so I decided to embrace it and walk around publically with my erection proud. Everyone was shocked but kept looking at it. And one son had a shower and i sat and chatted and squeezed my cock as he did. 

My wife came back home and said its worth a try to this new lifestyle.  

I feel Satan in me through you and have just told everyone that tomorrow we are all staying at home and I want everyone naked by lunch time. 

I need this. my cock needs it. 

I love the thought of you both fucking for Satan

hail! Everyone is naked. It feels so good and natural to me. I’m drinking beer and enjoying it. I’ve watched all my family go to the toilet today and was very erotic. 

I want to give my hole to satan so much. I told my wife that I want her to be a whore. This is all going so fast

Hi Father

What a day….we saw each other naked and it was so erotic. Something has happened and it was great. We had never seen each other naked and it was so sexy to see. Yesterday afternoon we started hanging out and I passed around the beers and told the boys they could have as much as they wanted. After a few beers I started to finger the wife’s pussy while they watched and they couldn’t take their eyes off it. Then I said they could come and touch her tits. They got so hard at this so their mother took both stiff cocks an masturbated them and they both shot cum on her chest, so she put her fingers in their cum and put it in her mouth. I was beyond excited. 

. In the end once they were drunk one of them came and cuddled on my lap too. It was incredible. And I have a hangover this morning, i’m sure we all will but fuck me Father…it was amazing. 


Hello Father……thank you for your prayers and they have been working. My life has changed so much. Since that last time when we all got drunk and my boys played with her tits, and she masturbated them then eat their cum. it’s been just a rollercoaster.

I have been naked in the house constantly since then and it really feels like SATAN has taken over my cock and filled it with lust 24×7. It’s like I have this being between my legs that guides and controls me now. I”m hard constantly and always touching my cock. it’s been fucking awesome father. And i’ve let myself be guided by my cock.

I’m drinking every day now and am a regular smoker too. I’ve also been encouraing the boys to drink too and most nights now we are all getting drunk on beer. They were shocked to see me start smoking but they are used to it now and i’m trying to get the boys to start as well. I tell them they need to smoke. The rest of the family is going naked now too and embracing their bodies. There has been a lot more sexual experimentation too. I told you I took the doors off every room? My favourite has been the bathroom.  MAking out with my boys as they sit and also sucking them off too. I love it for some reason. They tease me about it but hey. 

I also have started drinking their piss. I’m a freak Father. For Satan. 

The drunken evenings have been the best to encourage play as well… and it’s happened so so quickly too…..using lots of poppers….they are satans miracle!…..teaching the boys how to eat out pussy and then fuck the pussy they came out of…..and my wife is loving it too…she has just totally changed…a 180 switch…it’s like she has been able to let down her guard and become who she truly is….and i’m so thankful for that.

She has embraced being a total slut.She hasn’t yet taken cock outside the family but we are talking about it and she is keen to be a whore and the boys and I are encouraging her. I’ve also used cock a couple of times now….

The boys have also started fucking my ass the last few days…initially they didn’t want to but slowly I have convinced them to try and they seem to like it. I’m loving having them in me. Maybe I’ll get to top them soon. 

It’s so amazing how quickly this has all happened.


Thank you for your email and response. It’s been a total life change here. We are all so much closer and our family has changed for the better. Your prayers have been working and we are all now always naked at home and I have encouraged blashpheming constantly, along with swearing. I took your advice about the bibles and we have a piss bible and a cum bible and it feels good to do it. 


We have all responded well to having all limitations removed and opening ourselves us to obeying cock. As I type this I am drinking a beer and smoking a cig while one of the boys is sucking on my cock. It feels right to do so. We are all sleeping in satan’s bed together now and Christine has had her vagina stretched and pounded so much by us all and it seems like she is totally changed and just can’t get enough of it. We all hope to get her some other guys to use her soon. The boys and I do play as well, but mostly at the moment I’m really enjoy toilet play with them. Drinking each others piss,

This goes well when we are drunk and high.. It feels like our house is just a den of sin now. We have become so sexual. We are all smoking and drinking now and playing with our cocks. Christine loves playing with her pussy and the boys love to eat it. 

but fuck yeah I love it and HAIL SATAN my life is so good now…


Yes father I agree….we need to do that. I don’t want this new life to end and it has changed everything for the better living in sin and depravity and a double life fuck yes so much

we do need to all commit and live for HIM for he has given us so much. my cock has never felt happier or more useful

we all got drunk and high last night and had a big orgy…was the best

today im a high again and really wishing that there was a line of guys here to use Christine’s cunt. She needs it 

one of the boys asked me as well what happens if we get an sti….I just said we fucking share it for HIM 



Yes we will have to

There is a great connection between us all now there is no privacy and we all share everything….. 

Yeah her good christian cunt full of cock and seed while we all watch I do fucking hope so

We have all had a read of the site and I’m going to construct an altar and do a committement ceremony. I hope all our holes open wide

Hail Father

It’s been a massive week…..lots of sex and drugs and alcohol….we’ve all been getting pretty trashed as we let go of our past. As part of that we have now committeed….i built a Satanic altar in our lounge room I put up black curtains and we used incense and candles and we all got naked and comitted to HIM with our bodies and souls. .  Three of us holding our cocks and Christine fingering her pussy. On the altar were dildos and symbols and bottles of poppers. After we all said the words I passed around the bottles like communion and we all knelt for a while inhaling deeply over and over again. I encouraged everyone to swear a lot and call out to satan and that built up an energy. I talked about how I loved them all and how I loved sex with them and how proud I was of how dirty we had all become and encouraged them all to let go compeltely of any rules and limits and give everything over to HIM. The only rule to follow was to obey  him in our cocks and pussy. Whatever feels good must be done.


Then I said I was going to fuck each of them to complete the ritual. My cock felt so powerful and big and normally I don’t do well as a top but this time I bent each of them over the altar and fucked them for HIM. Then we had a night of lust and sex like i’ve never had before. Still recovering


And before Sunday’s service i’ve organised one of the boys to service me in HIS name to remind me of who I belong to now. Breed me in his name. I’ve also taken completely to being a toilet slut of the boys. 


I’ve also been wanking the last couple of days of porn of poz guys fucking neg guys….for some reason this is making my cock so so hard. 


And your retreat sounds amazing….. weeks of pure lust


my COCK lives for HIM


I will do as you suggest….we shall worship at the altar every night and fuck everynight. 

We have all take to blasphemeing big time and loving it. We love thikning about everyone being this free and open 

It’s a huge turn on to imagine all this within the church too……it would be so good….

I didn’t know that it incest was legal in two American states either….


I love to sin and to take pleasure with my cock. It’s the best for Satan.

I really hope I can lead the whole congregation to find him as well. I’m now wearing a cockring and buttplug to church and fucking before the service. I look out during the service and imagine the guys i’d like to Fuck.

Then i come home and sin so deeply and blaspheme

And my week is just totally depraved now….i’ve finally organised some guys to fuck my bitch wife as well so looking forward to watching that happen. 


It’s been a month ofworship and sex……and we have all been working on getting my slut wife fucked,  my boys are loving watching her pussy get pounded by men and we are all praying hard to Satan while she is getting cock in her. We have had lots of men use her vagina and last weekend we arranged a group orgy for her to be used. It was fucking awesome and we called out to HIM long and hard and I’ve never heard her scream and moan so much. She loved it so much and the boys and I made sure we were the last cocks to fill her up at the end. It was just so good i never thought I’d see anything like it. 


She told me she has never enjoyed anything more and wants to do it again and her vagina felt so alive…, but before that wants to organise a gay orgy for me and the boys. She said she wants us to experience what she did and wants to watch all three of us getting fucked and inseminated for Satan. I don’t know how she has changed so much but I love it. HAIL. The boys and I are really keen and have been practicing fucking to make sure we can take cocks at an orgy. 


They have changed alot and seem much happier. They both smoke and drink regularly which I think is very good for them. I feel that they need addiction in thier life to properly worship him. I am loving doing lines and getting drunk and being the toilet for the boys. 


And then on sunday we pretend to be a good familly….lol fuck yeah SATAN

HAIL father

Your email got me so hard and horny. I love the fact that there are no secrets in the family any more and we are all happy and living for him and guided by him. We are getting so much pleasure in our sin that we just don’t want to stop. Christine is loving her satanic vagina and all the pleasure it can give so many men. 


We are drinking a lot and using poppers constantly during sex. They just improve our desire to sin so much. The boys and I are also committed smokers now. 

That orgy you went to sounds amazing. I’m trying to organise more, and Christine wants to organise a gay orgy as well so she can watch us play while she plays the role of the caring mom. So hot hey


I hadn’t thought about Christine getting pregnant. One of the boys might think about that…he is getting pretty dark in his fantasies and was talking the other night when he was high on poppers.I was shocked at first and then so turned on I had to pound him. 


I’m finding the services harder as well and I need to do more sinful things in them but not sure what. 


I can also imagine a whole lot of people at your retreat sinning with each other



It’s been an amazing few months and we are all so much closer now as we have got deeper and darker into Satanic sin. We love sinning and just wanting each day to sin more and more. Both the boys have grown into sin so much and love worshipping at the altar of Satan. There is no such thing as excess in our house anymore and I’m loving watching them experiment and sin. As well as our main altar I have also set up an ‘excess altar’ with lots of bottles of alcohol and poppers and a large pile of cigarette packets on it. We all blessed it by fucking in front of it and I have told the boys that Satan requires them to constantly indulge from this altar. I”ve been really happy to see that HE is guiding them and their drinking and smoking has increased a lot just in the last week. A couple of nights they have gotten really drunk which has made me so happy. 

And last sat night we all got high and worshipped him through fucking Christine’s ass. 

I’m still working on the gay orgy and can’t wait for it to happen. Christine is really keen to watch and see us all being used by many men and wants us to take lots of dirty loads. The boys have also been using me as their toilet which is so degrading for him. 


I can give you the names of the people I work with…..still feels strange to see them and be ‘normal’ around them. I wonder if HE can do HIS work on them too. 

…….I was reading the retreat website…I love how it’s all open with no privacy….I would even take the doors off the toilets. I have loved how SATAN has given me so much joy in watching my boys shit. 

 love that we are all Satanists and worship him freely and without limits. I love cock energy and seeing that energy making everyone around me happy. 

Sexual freedom and sin is the best. 

Good luck on the retreat and I hope HE guides you in all things. And leave the doors off the toilets. Watching a man  is an amazingly intimate and sexual thing that I believe Satan guides me to watch. Some of my most intimate moments recently have come through watching them on the toilet. 

I love the addiction Satan brings. It’s so good

It’s becoming harder to focus on my work though with my constant desire of SATAN throbbing through my cock constantly. I wear a cock ring and buttplug at every service and can’t stop thinking about sinning. We fuck a couple of times a week in the Church to bring the energy of Satan to the building and to try and increase the level of sin there. When I’m in my private office I’m always naked now and often am high as well. 

So much more i need tho


Sin is the best

Hail Father


sorry I haven’t written for a bit. I’ve been so lost in sin and lust recently. As a family we have been getting so sinful and we can’t help but sin for Satan now. Our bodies are temples for HIM. 

So much lust surrounds us all now it’s like we are always on heat. 

My church is a Baptist church so very ‘proper’ and full of the ‘right’ kind of people if you know what I mean. They won’t even tolerate swearing they are so ‘good’. 

If they knew……it would blow their fucking tiny minds

here is so much suppression in the Church. So many people being told what to do instead of following their cock. 

Following my cock has made my life so much better and embracing sin has led me to so much pleasure

Seeing the world descend into sin ruled by cock would be so good



I am feeling drawn to darker and filthier thoughts the more I sin and give in to Satan. 

Some seem so dark that I”m not sure I should mention them. 


But my cock gets hard at the thought. And that’s so twisted about getting stiff at the funeral. 


I guess I am lucky that my wife has turned to sin as well and has embraced it with her legs wide open for him. She worships through her pussy now. She has regular men to service her and I’m hoping she will one day fall pregnant again. We worship at our altar every day and I encourage her to service men every day. 

I’m smoking and drinking much more now and getting high. I use bigger and bigger toys in my ass to help worship. I always have a butt plug up my cunt at church now.