June 2021

Thank you Father for your teachings. I just got done with the DIY commitment to Lord Satan. I’m staying at my brother’s house at the moment. He goes to work early. I sneak out to the garage when he leaves. I locked the door and drop all my clothes. Naked, I read out loud your teachings.I feel his hot satanic lust all over me. I finished the prayer (somehow). I was in a trance-like state. I could feel the cool morning on my naked skin The gift that the Father Satan has given me is so exciting. I feel Him like never before. Just wanted to thank you for all that you are doing. Feel free to write back.

Thx again Mitch


Such a decision is not to be taken lightly as there is no going back without repuctions.

  1. Comitment to Satan is a lifestyle.
  2. Comitment to Satan is permanent.
  3. Never under estimate Satans power if you change your mind and go back to your previous lifestyle.